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05 July 2019

Théo Rohfritsch (BACHELOR IN MANAGEMENT, 2012) coach to alumni to "illuminate the roof of the world".

"Théo Rohfritsch, a sustainability entrepreneur, has been able to participate in various expeditions around the world to contribute to environmental solutions - the 2012 International Antarctic Expedition, CycleforWater, and the Global Himalayan Expedition - all thanks to sponsorship and crowdfunding.

His experiences have given birth to the Dreams Hunter Program, which has partnered with the Global Himalayan Expedition in order to instruct adventurers in financing their own Himalayan expeditions to install solar panels in isolated communities that have never had access to light.”

Today, Théo is supporting three TBS alumni : Leo Singh, Juliette Chanu, and Elissa Ferron.

Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) is committed to providing the isolated Ladakh populations, who use kerosene for lighting, with sustainable energy through the installation of microgrids / solar panels. These communities don’t have access to electricity. Solar technology is the solution to enable a balanced society and environment.


If you want to take part in the adventure by making a donation, please visit Leo's campaign page here, or Juliette’s campaign page here.

If your company is interested in contributing to the project via a sponsoring partnership in order to strengthen its commitments and CSR communications, please contact:

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