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[SURVEY] - With you, we build the future of TBS Alumni!

14 February 2022 Association

Since 1987, TBS Alumni (formerly the Alumni Association of Sup de Co Toulouse), has been committed to fulfilling its primary missions: to promote mutual support between members, and to support the reputation of the School. More than 30 years after its creation, the association has been able to evolve: now representing all alumni, students or graduates, from all TBS programs, it is organized through chapters, tribes, clubs... all over the world, and led by volunteers.

Since 2017, it has also become singularly close to the School, now TBS Education,
and wishes to accompany it in its 2026 strategy: Inspiring TBS.

In order to allow us to better reflect on our future, while making you better aware of our raison d'être, we propose a questionnaire, allowing us to include you, whether you are a student or a graduate, in this collaborative reflection.


This questionnaire is meant to be as complete as possible; however, it is possible that we do not address certain topics that seem important to you; in this case, do not hesitate to let us know at the end of the survey!

the goal of this collaborative reflection is, as much as possible
to adapt our missions to your needs.


*Driven by a unique strategy that will be deployed over the next 5 years, TBS Education has set itself bold and inspiring development objectives: to become the school of educational well-being, to strengthen the employability of its learners, and to maximize its societal impact on its territories. To achieve its objectives, TBS Education will rely on brand new campuses, an expert and recognized faculty, new models of training and employability as well as a reinforced international presence. If you want to know more, you can follow this link

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