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gyfti, an innovative B2B gifting platform to shake up your business relationships!

08 February 2022 Entrepreneurship

gyfti is a start-up created by Samir Bouhassoun (TBS 2018), Marwane Chorfi (TBS 2017) and Paul Fourcans. Through its platform, gyfti wants to make the professional gift more than a simple gesture, a real vector of emotions to put the human capital at the heart of the company.

Corporate gifts have always been an essential tool for motivating, thanking and engaging with customers and employees. Today, it has become an effective way to strengthen and perpetuate professional ties, particularly those that have been weakened by the Covid crisis. However, although 83% of companies claim that this marketing action generates ROI, many of them admit that it is often complex, cumbersome and time-consuming.

With its digital solution, gyfti responds to the market's problems through four main levers:

A simple, fast and intuitive interface: Thanks to its platform, gyfti makes it possible to send from 1 to +1000 gifts in less than two minutes. By dematerialising each step and automating the sending, the startup facilitates the user's approach by accompanying him in the selection of contacts, the choice of gifts but also the personalisation of the message, and the follow-up of the sending. The advantage? With gyfti, there is no need for a postal address, an email is enough. The recipient can choose his or her own delivery address.

Attention for all occasions and all budgets: gyfti is also a catalogue of more than 500 original products from over thirty partners such as Fauchon, Le Beau Thé, Wecandoo, S.T. Dupont and Flowrette. Dupont or Flowrette. In order to act with complete peace of mind, the company will be able to make a pre-selection of several products to offer to its recipients in accordance with the occasion, its budget and the company's compliance rules. The recipients can then choose the gift they like best from the selection! What a guarantee to always please!

An ethical and responsible solution: In line with the expectations of 2022 customers, gyfti offers a selection of eco-responsible gifts that are also Made in France. In order to go even further in its offer and to allow companies to enhance their CSR policy, the startup also offers the possibility for recipients to convert the price of their gift into a donation for one of the 25 French associations offered.

Simplified management at the click of a button: Thanks to a dedicated dashboard, each company can monitor its various campaigns in real time, quickly calculate its return on investment and also easily track and export all the data and supporting documents required by the accounting and legal departments.

« In the age of digitalization and impersonalization, the professional gift allows to stand out. It is much more than a simple marketing tool, it is a differentiating action, a way to touch your target in a personal and emotional way. And this throughout the year, not just at Christmas, whether internally, to stimulate, motivate or celebrate the team's successes, or externally to canvass, build loyalty or thank clients and partners... With gyfti, our ambition is to de-seasonalise the professional gift and make it a reflex at any time of the year, on any occasion, for any moment in life. »

- Marwane Chorfi, cofondateur de la startup.

Since its launch, gyfti has supported clients from all types of sectors, including MMA, Land'Assur, the marketing agency 1min30 and the startup Javelo.
For 2022, the startup has set itself the goal of supporting no less than 100 clients and reaching 50,000 gift shipments before the end of the year.

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