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Emmanuel Anton, a new president for TBS Alumni

01 June 2022 Association

At the last Board of Directors meeting,
Emmanuel Anton was unanimously elected
new president of TBS Alumni.


Emmanuel Anton is well known to the Alumni network, he is responsible for the London Chapter, and is also co-leader of the Barcelona Chapter and the Tribu Finance. He has also always been very involved with the TBS Foundation, especially with the NALPAS scholarship.


His strong commitment, unchanged since his graduation in 2011
is illustrated today through this new role of president!


As President of TBS Alumni, Emmanuel Anton will sit on the Board of Directors of TBS Education, on the Comex of the TBS Foundation, and will represent with strength and conviction the actions carried by the Association to support the essential triptych School - Association - Foundation, whose goal is to promote by all means our common values of Excellence, Responsibility and Solidarity between alumni.



The Board of Directors also renewed the Bureau:

  • Céline Bregeon (PGE 2007) – Treasurer

  • Paul Fabre (Top Executive Education 2016) - Vice-president, responsible for relations with the Executive Education Department of TBS Education

  • Clément Guerrero (PGE 2016) - Vice President, responsible for relations with the PGE management and responsible for the Paris Chapter
  • Cathy Halupniczak(Executive Education 2006) - General Manager

and welcomes a new member: 

  • Lionel Roques (Top Executive Education 2013) - Vice President, co-leader of the Aerospace Tribe and co-leader of the Dubai Chapter

Congratulations to all! 


Finally, we would like to thank Antoine Miche and Nicolas Combe for their commitment to the board. Both have brought a lot to TBS Alumni, thanks to their enthusiasm, their personal and professional involvement, their ideas for the evolution of our association.

Their respective careers, both entrepreneurial and family, no longer allow them the commitment necessary to accompany TBS Alumni in its development, so they decided to step back slightly, but we are honored to still count them among our Board Members.

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