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Discover Emmanuel Anton's mission statement

25 October 2021 Mission Statements

When I left the school in 2011, I quickly got closer to the Alumni Association and as soon as I arrived in London in 2012, I decided to get actively involved by creating the London Chapter alongside Greg-Henry Bize. This experience allowed me not only to get closer to the Alumni but also to the Association itself: I discovered the workings, the pillars in the person of Cathy Halupniczak and I saw it evolve, transform and improve from year to year (I am talking about the Association of course, Cathy does not improve, she gets better).

My first candidacy to the Board was an additional step to contribute to the change within TBS by bringing my experience, my Alumni experience but also that of all those with whom I exchanged.

My second mandate allowed me to see a lot of changes (new Dean, new President of the Alumni, relations between the Asso and the School have improved significantly and so on) but we have to admit that the road is still long, and I do not like unfinished business, which is why I decided to run again.

The London Chapter team has grown (there are now 6 of us) and we are resuming events after a year and a half's forced break. Beyond this commitment to the Alumni, I wish to continue to contribute to the development of the Alumni Association both in its actions towards the Alumni and students and in its relations with the School. "Close links between a School and its Alumni Association are the guarantee of a strong network" (myself). 

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to pledge to remain politically incorrect and to say out loud what I think down deep.


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