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Discover Antoine Miche's mission statement

14 October 2021 Mission Statements

I have always kept a strong and daily link with the school (professors, events, etc.), with the successive classes and I have also led the second TBS Alumni branch after the one in Paris (Lyon). I therefore believe I can accelerate my contribution to the modernization of the Association and its role with the School. My vision, both on the ground and in TBS Alumni, will help to make the right decisions, with the active contributions and support of active volunteers.  

Under the leadership of our Board of Directors, our Association, with 49,000 members, is proud to support the reputation of the School and the Foundation, thanks to the faithful involvement of active volunteers and employees. Year after year, the support offer of TBS Alumni is structured, expanded, and makes our School shine far beyond our borders. With the new strategy of the School, another ambitious cycle focused on CSR begins.  

I hope that you will consider my candidacy as useful and relevant to lead this new cycle, this new exciting collective adventure.  

I would like to thank you all for the trust you have placed in me in the past, and which you will continue to place in me if you so wish.


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