Why should I have a profile @tbs-alumni?

Students and Alumni, your TBS identity is first and foremost represented by your profile in the directory. To strengthen your employability, to keep up to date with news from the network, to be invited to events organized throughout the world, is there a better way to increase your visibility? It's free, quick, and a good habit to get into!

Why create a profile in the directory, I already have a LinkedIn and Facebook account?

  • It's important not to confuse Social Media and physical social communities. Even though they can, in fact, be used together efficiently, they do not fully overlap. We create strong relationships during our studies, we share commun values and ideas which strengthen our bonds and create career opportunities and unexpected meetings. The sense of belonging and pride in being part of the TBS community are at the heart of the TBS Alumni project.
  • And more importantly, your school's directory is the only tool that identifies ALL of the Alumni from your school.


Why should I create a profile in the Alumni Directory, I am a student?

  • A student today will be an alumni tomorrow
  • Get in the habit of increasing your visibility, starting today, then, when you reach out to other alumni (to ask them for advice about your future, to become your mentor, or for support on a student project...), they will quickly be able to identify who you are.


Why provide my mailing address, I have an email address?

  • We regularly send out invitations based on geographic criteria, and we are present in 52 cities on all 5 continents!
  • Our chapter managers are always happy to meet you, whether you are a student conducting an internship or a gap year, an alumnus/a living in their city, or simply on vacation in their region...


Why indicate my job? 

Internship, short-term contract, long-term contract, entrepreneur, job seeker: we are interested in your professional activities!

  • Are you looking for a new job or your next internship? Recruiters will be interested in your work history. You have a great CV: put it online!
  • The "Grandes Écoles" are regularly graded on the employability of their graduates: the directory is the only centralized tool that provides a real idea of what all the school's alumni are doing!


Why do you want to know my salary?

  • Do you want to know what others your age and in your sector are earning? In order for us to provide you with accurate information, we also need your information.
  • Here again, it's a criteria that is regularly used in the rankings and re-accreditations of schools.

Of course, all the information is well-protected, and restored anonymously!