TBS Alumni and the CNIL

As indicated below, the Alumni Association is not required to conduct a CNIL declaration. Nonetheless, we respect our alumni’s right to privacy and do not, under any circumstances, sell the information in our directory.

The information in your directory profile are only visible to paying members and partners of the association; this data cannot be exported. As such, no one can create a database for commercial or other uses.

Some fields (including those related to salary) are not visible. Only association administrators can see them, and only share them with the media or certification institutions completely anonymously. 


The website’s database (directory, cv/tchèque...), general structure, as well as all texts, photos, and other elements that make up the website are the exclusive property of TBS ALUMNI.

As such, any representation, commercialization, or reproduction, in whole or in part, of the pages, data, or other element on the website, in any way shape, or form, done without the consent of the President of TBS ALUMNI, is strictly forbidden (Law of 11 March 1957, paragraph 1, Article 40) and is considered as a punishable offense (article 425 of Criminal Code). Requests for authorization should be sent to: alumni@tbs-education.fr


The directory is the property of TBS ALUMNI, which holds all copyrights and production rights. Any use not expressly authorized by TBS ALUMNI, including any reproduction, representation, digitization, or modification, of all or part of the directory, under any form and for any use what so ever, except with prior and express written agreement from TBS ALUMNI.

The resulting files will never be transmitted to a third party or be sold. 

The information saved is for the sole use of the TBS Alumni Association and can only be shared with the school or the members of the association, excluding any outside third parties. 

TBS ALUMNI does not take responsibility for the exactitude, or the updating of the information in the directory; its ne prend aucun engagement quant à l’exactitude, it therefore does not assume liability for any incorrect information. Nonetheless, TBS ALUMNI strives to regularly update and ensure the exactitude of the information in the directory. 

So, don't hesitate to update your profile!