Our Mission - Our Actions

We use our website www.tbs-alumni.com to relay all the actions led by our volunteers from the Chapters and Tribes, and also news from Alumni, student associations, the Foundation and the School.  

You can find:

  • Inspirational life paths of Alumni in articles and Portraits of Talented Alumni, plus the online version of the TBS Alumni magazine, La Tribu.
  • Signing up for events organized by our volunteers : a great variety including, for example, friendly get-togethers in Singapore to a birthday gala evening in Paris. From conferences to workshops, there are many opportunities to meet up with the numerous #TBSAlumniTalents.
  • News of the TBS Foundation, student associations and teacher-researchers.
  • The Boutique, offering Alumni products at special rates.
  • The Directory, which includes the entire Alumni community (both TBS students and graduates), means that all our members (fully paid-up and logged in) can make easy contact.

This Directory is an ideal addition to professional social media and it guarantees that an Alumni has well and truly graduated (or is a future graduate) from TBS. 

It is a very safe directory and means that each of our members can choose both what is shown to other Alumni and which subscriptions to choose amongst our communications

Our credo ?

Make the network as efficient as possible by organizing connections between our members, stimulating the community of TBS graduates, creating ties between them and facilitating meetings.

How ?

In order to organize interconnections between members, we use Directory which is continuously improved and updated. Access is restricted to Alumni and partners of the association only.

We can rely on a very well organized team of volunteers, who are spread over every continent. They animate the local Chapters and organize regular, professional and friendly meetings with the help of Clubs and Tribes. The Tribes provide Alumni with specific professional advice or with opportunities to take part in themed meetings.

In total, 50 Chapters, Clubs and Tribes are here to help you, all over the world!µ 

Our aspirations?
We hope that each one of you talented Alumni will want to share your news, knowledge and skills with us…, in other words, your talent !  

Feel free to contact us and come and join this synergy.
Our permanent staff are here to help: alumni@tbs-alumni.com